You will control your blood sugar while you are at home with the latest blood glucose meter, you will not think of going to another doctor because the doctor will stay at your home.

The device is auto play, meaning that it will open as soon as you enter the tape without pressing any buttons.
Fast results, the result appears within 5 seconds.
The device has a suspicious repellent for safety and non-transmission of infection.
Blood sugar measurement feature (normal - before eating - after eating).
Code Free Lite requires 1 drop of blood at 0.9μL.
You will be able to set an alarm for 4 times so as not to forget the time of the analysis.
The device's straps feature gold electrodes powered by precision laser pattern technology.
The watch works by battery (includes a battery).
The Code Free glucose meter has enough memory for 500 measurements.
There is an alarm feature to remind you of the date of the analysis, and you can set the time and hour.
The device is small in size and you can take it with you anywhere.
The reading of the device is accurate and it has an LCD screen so that you can know the result easily.
It will be in a semi-wallet cover to preserve it.
the description
Result range: 10- 600mg/dl
(0.6 -33 MMOL\L).
Standard: - Plasma.
Sample volume:- 0.9μL
Test time: - 5 seconds.
Assay method: - glucose sensing or biological oxidase.
Display method: - LCD.
Dimensions:- 47 x 95 x 17.5 mm.
Memory: - 500 blood glucose tests.
Tape Type: Code Free
The number of tape: - 9 tape.
*How to use*

Wash your hands well with soap and dry them, prepare the device, the pen, needles, and a box of tapes, insert the needle into the pen, close it, and adjust the depth of the thorn, open the box of tapes and install them in the device from the side of the arrow and the device will open as soon as the tape enters, and take the sample through the pen And near the tip of the tape that is in the device and put the sample on it, and after 9 seconds, the result will appear.

*dispels skepticism*

Pull the gray part at the end of the pen downwards and in a transparent button on the side, tread on it and you will get rid of it.

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Code Free blood glucose meter

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