There are many reasons you can let the mouse enter your house, such as leaving an open door or window, and its presence in the house means diseases and danger to your health

And the health of your child, other than eating it for clothing and furniture, and in the house, and in order for the mouse to walk, you need to make a plan like you are getting a trap, poison or a cat. What is your brain doing from all this? We have brought you the solution with the electronic cat device that expels mice with ultrasound, which will make the mice unable to sit in your house without poison or trap


You will not leave any mice in the house, and you will always be assured of your health and the health of your children

You will be able to open the windows at your convenience without being afraid

It will relieve you from the suffering of cleaning after the death of mice by poison or by a trap

Suitable for home, office, restaurants, hotels, cafes, stores, farm buildings, companies, shops and hospitals

There is no harm to humans, pets and birds, and there are no chemicals

It does not consume much electricity 3

9 watts

No sound or smell

It covers an area of ​​about 50 square meters


Ultrasound electronic cat repellent device

You will see a good result after 5 to 7 days of non-stop operation

The device does not penetrate walls or furniture, so you must make sure that there is nothing in front of it. It is better to keep it near the ground at a height of 20 cm.

The device emits ultrasonic vibrations that the mouse can hear and penetrate the nervous system and cause it to malfunction and make it escape, and these waves are not audible to humans

It has two fixed and variable frequencies, the red for the variable, the green for the fixed and you can switch between them because the mouse feels more uncomfortable.

It works in electricity on 220 and 110 volts from 3

9 watts

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Ultrasonic rat repellent

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